Weight Loss and Fitness


One of the most common reasons runners give for starting a running life is to lose weight and improve their fitness. Running is an excellent choice for that goal. Other than cross country skiing, there are few activities that can match the calorie burning ability or cardiovascular fitness improvements of running. Here are some helpful tips and workouts to help your lose weight and improve your fitness.


Holiday Eating Damage Control

Avoid holiday weight gain


Is Running Bad For Your Knees?

Maybe not - it could be good for them!


Run - Don't Walk!

The truth about walking versus running for fitness and weight loss


Running Intensity and Weight Loss

How running effort and intensity affects calorie burn and weight loss


Top Ten Ways to Burn More Calories Everyday

Burn more calories and fat


Top Ten Ways to Reach Your Ideal Running Weight

Get to your best running weight the safe and effective way


Weight Loss Circuit Training Workout

Fast and efficient calorie burning workout

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