Warm Up and Cool Down for Distance Runners


While most runners don't like warm up and cool down sessions, these pre and post run workouts are an important part of your training programs. A proper warm up will prepare your joints and muscles for the more strenuous activity to follow. A cool down will safely get your body and muscles safely back down to normal operating temperatures.


Is it really that important to do those pesky warm up and cool down exercises? Yep, it really is. But only if you want to run at high performance levels and avoid injuries. Nuff said?


Here are some warm up and cool down tips and workouts.


Dynamic Warm Up Drills

A pre run warm up routine for all distances.


Designer Warm Ups

Match your warm up to your race distance


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Is your flexibility routine working?


Dynamic Stretching Versus Static Stretching

Which works best?


How to Balance Muscle Spring Stiffness and Muscle Flexibility

Can you have your cake and eat it too?


Static Cool Down Stretches

Stretches for after your race or run


Stretching and Running Performance

Does stretching improve your running performance?


Stretching 101

The basics of stretching for distance runners


Top Ten Stretches and Flexibility Drills For Distance Runners

Improve your distance running performance and prevent injuries

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