Speed and VO2 max Training


Most runners like to run fast. While some athletes may be born with a certain speed component already build in, distance running speed is not. You must train to maintain a high distance running velocity. One term that is somewhat synonymous with distance running speed is VO2 max or your maximum oxygen uptake. This is a measure of how much oxygen your body is able to use to fuel your muscles. Generally speaking, a higher VO2 max level will equate to faster distance running speeds.


Below are some tips, workouts and training plans that will help you develop your VO2 max and your distance running speed.


VO2 Max 101

The basics of VO2 Max


VO2 Max and Speed Workouts Made Simple

The basics of VO2 max and speed workouts for distance runners


5K VO2 Max and Speed Workouts

Build your 5K running and racing speed


VO2 Max and Speed Workouts to Improve Your 10K Performance

Build your 10K speed and speed endurance


Marathon Specific VO2 Max and Speed Workouts

You also need speed training for your marathon


Gonzo Speed Workouts

Fast and furious


VO2 Max and tlim@vVO2 Max

The best predictors of running performance


Workouts To Improve Your VO2 Max and tlim@vVO2 Max

Workouts designed to improve your VO2 Max, tlim@vVO2 Max, speed and speed endurance


Your First Speed Workouts

Speed and vVO2 Max workouts for beginning runners

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