Treadmill Training


Running on a treadmill is probably not your first choice when it comes to training. Of course, we all prefer to run on the trails and roads, but there are times when the treadmill comes in very handy. Treadmill training can make poor weather training safer and more convenient. There are times when treadmill training is a must, such as extreme heat, icy conditions or high pollution days. Treadmill training even offers some advantages when it comes to performance. Treadmill training doesn't need to be boring or stride altering. You can have fun with treadmill training, maintain your outside mechanics and even gain performance advantages. Here are some tips and workouts on treadmill training for distance runners.


Gonzo Treadmill Workouts

Gonzo goes inside


Fun Treadmill Workouts and Training Runs

Who says treadmill running must be boring


High Efficiency Treadmill Workouts

Make the most of your treadmill time


Running on the Treadmill

Some treadmill running basics


Why Train On a Treadmill?

Here are some reasons treadmill training can be helpful


Keep Your Treadmill Treading

How to maintain your treadmill and avoid running downtime


How To Buy a Treadmill

A treadmill buyers guide for distance runners

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