Treadmill Training for Runners


The popularity of the treadmill is exploding. More and more runners from beginners to top level competitive runners are using the treadmill to train for all race distances from 2 miles to a full marathon.


The treadmill is the ideal piece of exercise equipment to help you meet your running goal whether it’s to learn to run or set a new personal record. This is the definitive book on treadmill training. Treadmill training for Runners will show you how to use the treadmill to reach your running goals. You’ll learn how to:


Shop for, purchase and maintain your treadmill

Lose weight using the treadmill

Increase your fitness and reduce stress

Incorporate the treadmill into your training

Avoid common treadmill pitfalls

Solve common treadmill training problems

Train to race a 5K, 10K, half marathon or full marathon using the treadmill


This revised and updated Second edition of Treadmill Training for Runners includes over 60 treadmill workouts with 12 new treadmill workouts not included in the first edition. There are complete training programs included for all Types of runners including beginners, fitness runners, weight loss runners and competitive runners.


This is the perfect bound print edition of Treadmill Training for Runners. We also offer an eco friendly instant download eBook version. Click here for more information on the eBook version of Treadmill Training for Runners


ISBN 978-1-931088-03-9

Perfect Bound

240 Pages

$17.95 US


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