Trail Running


We're distance runners. We love to run anywhere. But there is no question in my mind that the best place to run is on the trails. Not only is there more solitude and inspirational scenery but the workouts are also better. Most trails have hills, varying terrain and numerous obstacles, all of which add up to a more efficient workout.


Here are some workouts, training tips and information to help you improve your trail running.


Extreme Barefoot Running

Taking running to the trail


Road to Trail

Making the transition from road running to trail running


Top Ten Ways to Enjoy a Safe Trail Run

Avoid trail running hazards with these tips


Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Trail Running

Run more efficiently and effectively on the trails


Trail Running is Strength Training in Disguise

Do you dislike strength training? No problem, just hit the trail


Urban Workouts for Trail Runners

Some urban runs for those times you can't access a good trail



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