Time Specific Marathon Semi Custom Training Plans


Marathon training can be as simple as simply building your endurance up to the point that you can run 20 miles or as complex as a structured training plan that includes many different types of training runs and workouts using a periodized training scheme. The most simple plans require little help but often result in less than optimal performance. The more complex plans give you good results but may require the assistance of a professional running coach. That can be expensive. Our semi custom marathon training plans are a good compromise. These semi custom plans focus on very specific time finishing goal so that we can tailor a plan just for you without the high expense of a running coach. In fact, each of these plans cost less than you will spend for a typical lunch.


These instant download semi custom marathon training plans are presented in Adobe PDF format. You will receive an email with your download link after checkout.


3 Hour Marathon - Basic Competitive Level

A 3 hour marathon training plan for basic, beginning or intermediate level competitive runners.

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