Time Saver Distance Running Training


Training for long distance running can be a bit time consuming. No matter how fast you run, it still takes a long time to get in that weekly long run, your other shorter training runs and your strength training. Couple your training requirements with your social and work schedule and you have a real time crunch on your hands. In this section of Running Planet we have a number of  time saver workouts and training programs that will help ease your distance runners time crunch.


Time Saver Workouts

Distance running workouts on a time budget


5K Time Saver Workouts

5K training on a time budget


10K Time Saver Workouts

Quick but efficient 10K training sessions


Time Saver Workouts for the Marathon

You can save time on marathon training too


10 Minute Mega Time Saver Workouts

Yep - a good workout in just 10 minutes


15 Minute Super Time Saver Workouts

A great distance running workout in just 15 minutes


20 Minute Time Saver Workouts

Effective workouts when you are short on time


30 Minute Time Saver Workouts

Do you have 30 minutes? You can get in a great workout


10 Minute Time Saver Plyometric Workout

Short but intense plyometric session


12 Minute Body Weight Strength Workout for Distance Runners

Maintain or improve your distance running strength with this 12 minute session

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