Tempo and Stamina Training


Many coaches and athletes feel that tempo training and lactate threshold training are the same thing. I disagree. I believe that lactate threshold training is performed at a moderately high intensity level. High enough to result in a build up of lactate acid. In my opinion, true tempo training is performed at a more moderate intensity level, below your lactate threshold, that allows you to run for extended periods without encountering high levels of fatigue. This type of tempo training builds your ability to run for long distances at moderate to moderately high speed or intensities, a very desirable attribute for a distance runners.


This section of Running Planet has tempo training information and tempo training workouts to build your stamina and speed endurance.


The Basics of Tempo Training

Tempo training and stamina training for distance runners


5K Tempo Training Workouts

Stamina building runs for the 5K distance


10K Tempo Training Workouts

Tempo training is an important phase of 10K training


Tempo Training Workouts for the Marathon

Build your marathon stamina


Tempo Training Workouts for Beginning Runners

Get started with tempo and stamina training

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