Seasonal Running and Training for Distance Runners


There are some parts of our running planet Earth that enjoys a relatively stable climate year round. But most of us run in various temperatures and weather conditions. We have heat, cold, rain, snow, ice and wind to contend with. Not only does that require changes in our training, running gear, strategy and mechanics, but it also provides opportunities for recovery and to work on our running strengths and weaknesses.


It this section of Running Planet we offer tips, information, workouts and plans on seasonal training and running for distance runners.


Three Ways to Avoid Spring Training Injuries

Avoid early season injuries


Spring Forward or Fall Back

Your best fall season training strategy


Dressing For Cold Weather Running

Layer up


Running In Cold Weather

Stay safe when running in the cold


Running Safely in Hot Weather

Stay safe during your hot summer runs


Are You a Salty Runner?

Does your sweat taste salty?


Top Ten Spring Training Tips for Distance Runners

Get your early season training off to a fast start


Top Ten Ways to Save Your Skin During Long Summer Runs

Don't let ultraviolet rays ruin your long run


Top Ten Ways to Survive Running in the Snow

Don't let the snow and cold slow you down


Top Ten Ways to Survive Running in the Summer Heat

Stay safe during your hot summer distance runs


Top Ten Ways to Survive Winter Running

Don't let Jack Frost nip at your distance running routine


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