Running Safely


Compared to most sports and physical activities, running is relatively safe. There are no high speed collisions, trees to run into, mountains to fall off of or water to fall in. That being said, there are still some risks involved in running. There are few runners who can honestly say they have never encountered a distance running related injury. The good news is that you can limit your risk of running related injury or illness by following a few simple guidelines. Here are some tips and information on distance running safety.


Do You Have a Drinking Problem?

Drink and hydrate safely


Cold Weather Running

Stay safe when running in the cold


Dressing for Cold Weather Running

Avoid cold weather running issues


How To Run Safely In The Dark

Night running basics


Running Safely in Hot Weather

Stay safe during your hot summer runs


Top Ten Ways to Run Safely

Stay safe during your distance running workouts


Top Ten Ways to Save Your Skin During Long Summer Runs

Don't let ultraviolet rays ruin your long run

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