Running Form


One often forgotten, but very important part of your distance running training routine is working on your running form and developing efficient running mechanics. Poor form can be the cause of less than optimal running performance and a higher incidence of running related injuries. Proper running form isn't something that your are born with. Like all other phases of running, you need to practice and develop efficient running mechanics. Below are a number of tips, workouts and information to help you build proper and efficient running form and mechanics.


Do You Want Better Running Form - Raise Your Toes!

Dorsi-Flexion can improve your running mechanics and economy


Don't Push Off - Bounce Forward!

Spring forward for superior running mechanics


Fast Fixes for Fabulous Form

Fixes for flawed form


More Fast and Fabulous Form Fixes

Even more flawed form fixes


Drills to Improve Your Running Form and Mechanics

Decrease your ground contact time


Over Striding

The basics of over striding and its effects on your running form


Running Cues to Improve Your Running Form

Visualizations and mental cues to improve your running efficiency


Running Form for Distance Runners

The basics of running form and running mechanics


Toe, Ball or Heel

Where is your foot strike?


Top Ten Characteristics of Good Running Form

Tips for efficient running mechanics


Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Running Economy

Run faster and further with less effort


Top Ten Ways to Increase Your Stride Length

Maximize your stride length without over striding

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