Running Fatigue


The fatigue you encounter during your distance run or race may seem like a problem, something you would like to avoid. But when you really think about it, fatigue is something you really need. No, I'm not crazy, I think running fatigue is a good thing for a couple of reasons. First, if running were easy, what would be the point. There would be no challenge. Second, fatigue plays a protective role. The pain and discomfort of running fatigue is like an emergency stop button. It is there to force you to stop or slow down before you do significant damage to your body.


Whether you agree with me or no, fatigue will aways be a factor in your running and one that you need to learn to deal with. Here are some helpful hints, information and workouts to help you deal with the physical and mental aspects of distance running fatigue.


You're Not Really Tired - It's All In Your Head!

A new look at running fatigue


Fatigue Fighting Workouts

Fight back at the affects of fatigue


The Elements of Fatigue

Distance running fatigue made simple

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