Running Injuries


No one wants to deal with a running related injury or illness. While distance running is a relatively safe sport, there are still risks of injury or illness that can put the brakes on your training and running. In this section of Running Planet we offer tips and information on preventing running injuries and dealing with them when they do occur.


A Real Pain in the Side - How to Deal With a Side Stitch

You don't need to suffer from a side stitch


Three Ways to Avoid Spring Training Injuries

Avoid early season injuries


Does Stretching Prevent Distance Running Injuries?

Is your flexiblity routine working?


Shin Splints - The Distance Runners Epidemic

The basics of this very common running injury


Five Ways to Avoid Shinsplints

You can stay away from shinsplints


How to Avoid the Beginning Runners Injury Bug

Don't let injuries stop your new running life


The Basics of Icing and Cold Therapy

Treating distance running injuries with cold therapy


Ice or Heat

Is Cold or Heat Therapy Better for Running Injuries


Iliotibial Band Syndrome

The basics and prevention techniques of ITBS


Top Ten Ways to Avoid Distance Running Injuries

Avoid the injury bug with these tips


Top Ten Tips For Beating The Shin Split Bug

More ways to avoid shin splints


Top Ten Ways to Avoid Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Beat this chronic distance running injury


Top Ten Ways to Recognize a Distance Running Injury

Is it a distance running injury or just some soreness?

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