Runner's Anatomy


Studying runner's anatomy may seem like an unnecessary task as a distance runner, but I disagree. Knowing the basics of your running anatomy will make understanding your running mechanics and how training programs are designed will improve the efficiency of your training, increase your running performance, reduce your risk of distance running injury and make you a better all around runners. Here are some tips and information on your distance running anatomy.


Anatomical Directions For Distance Runners

Which way is which


Runner's Movements, Motions, Planes and Axis

The most common motions and movements performed by distance runners


Primary Distance Runners Ankle Muscles

Descriptions of muscles that control motion at your ankle


Distance Runners Hip Muscles

These important distance running muscles control movement at your hip


Distance Runners Knee Muscles

Descriptions of the primary distance runners muscles that act at your knee


Muscle Descriptions

Common muscles and what they do


Types of Joints

A descriptions of various joint types and their motions

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