Racing and Pacing


Some runners run for the pure joy of running. Others run for stress relief or for social reasons. Still others run for weight loss or fitness gains. Many other athletes run for the thrill of competition or setting a new PR. This section of Running Planet is for you runners out there that love racing or running fast.


Race Pacing

The basics of racing and pacing


5K Race Strategy

Improve your 5K performance with these strategy tips


Fine Tune Your Training Program for Improve Performance

Strengthen your weaknesses


How Many Times Should You Run Per Day

Once a day versus twice a day workouts


Top Ten Ways to Adjust to Changing Race Conditions

Don't let surprises ruin your race


How to Improve Your 5K Finishing Pace

Run faster in the last half of your 5K


How to Prepare For Your 5K Race

Get ready for top 5K performance


How to Use Heart Rate Training to Improve Your Running Performance

Is heart rate training really effective?


Minutes or Miles

Should you train by time or distance?


Super Sets for Runners

The basics of super sets or compound sets


The Five Critical Running Paces

The most important training paces for distance runners


The Lone Racer

Staying sharp when racing alone


The Anatomy of a Distance Running Workout

A workout to meet every goal


The Twelve Rules of Training

Guidelines  to improve the quality of your training


Top Ten Distance Running Pre Race Tips

Things to do before you hit the starting line


Distance Running Roadblocks

How to overcome distance running obstacles and roadblocks


Top Ten Ways to Finish Your Races at a Strong Pace

Beat the effects of fatigue and finish your race at a strong pace


Top Ten Ways to Run Faster

Increase your distance running speed and velocity


Distance Running Training Zones 101

All about the four primary distance running training zones

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