Psychology of Running


Running isn't just a physical exercise. Sure, running requires physical effort. You need strong muscles, sturdy bones, elevated cardiovascular fitness and improved flexibility. But, you also need mental toughness and conditioning. High levels of mental toughness is one of the greatest needs of a distance runner. In this section of Running Planet, we offer information and tips on the psychology of running and how to become a mentally tougher runner.


Do You Need a Mental Taper for Top Running Performance?

The importance of resting your mind


Is Your Brain Getting In Your Way?

More evidence that your brain causes running fatigue


Running and the Zone

Is the zone the true runners high?


Race Anxiety and Running Stress

You shall overcome


Distraction and Monitoring

The key cognitive factors in marathon running


The Lone Racer

Staying sharp when racing alone


Top Five Ways to Stay Motivated

Keep your distance running motivation high


Top Ten Marathon Fears

Marathon fears and how to overcome them


Top Ten Mental Running Tricks

Mental tricks to help you break through distance running barriers


Top Ten Ways to Become a Tougher Runner

Run mentally tough


What Type of Runner Are You?

Are you a loser, a gainer or a lifer?


Zone Out to Dial In

Using disassociation to improve your running performance

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