Positive Splits


You are always hearing about the many benefits of running negative splits, running second half of your run or race faster than the first. There is no doubt about the many benefits of running negative splits, but I think that positive splits, running the first half faster than the second, often get a bum rap. Running positive splits during training runs has many advantages in both physical and mental training. Even running positive splits during races can have its advantages.


Here is some information, training tips and workouts associated with positive splits.


Positive Split Training

The basics of positive split training and some general positive split workouts


5K Positive Split Workouts

Training for positive splits in a 5K race


10K Positive Split Workouts

Improve your 10K positive split efficiency


Positive Split Training for the Half Marathon

Workouts and tips on positive split training for the half marathon


Positive Split Workouts for the Marathon

Effective workouts to improve your positive split ability in your marathon

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