Periodization for Distance Runners


Periodization is a simple concept that can grow to be very complex. At its most basic, periodization for distance runners is a training technique in which you break your training program into specific periods or phases in which you focus on a particular area of your training. One of the most common and widely used periodization schemes is one in which you focus first on endurance, then move on to stamina before finishing with speed. That is not the only periodization technique, there are many others, some simple and some very complicated.


In this section of Running Planet we offer you information and tips on periodization for distance runners.


Periodization for Distance Runners

The basics of periodization for distance runners


Goal Based Versus Need Based Periodization

Which works best for you?


Linear or Non-Linear Undulating Periodization

Which is best?


Strength-Economy First Periodization for Distance Runners

Focus on developing strength and efficiency first

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