Nutrition for Distance Runners


Did you ever hear that old saying "You are what you eat". Of course you have. I think everyone has heard that one. The thing is; that one is true. At least in terms of distance running, it's true. Distance running burns a lot of calories and depletes your body of essential nutrients. That makes eating the proper amounts of the correct foods more important for distance runners than nearly any other groups. Below we have a number of articles and tips to help you fuel your body with the proper nutrition.


Do You Really Want to Eat That?

Some questionable food choices


Does Post Run Protein Help You Recover Faster?

Will protein help you recover and improve your performance?


Glucose, Fructose and Galactose, Oh My!

Which sugar makes the best sports drink


Glycemic Load - Will it Simplify Pre Race Nutrition

What do you eat before your race?


Go Green - How Green Foods Can Improve Your Running Performance

Green up your diet


Marathon Nutrition

Nutritional tips for running your best marathon


Post Workout Nutrition

What to eat after your run and why


The Top Ten Power Foods For Distance Runners

Boost your power, endurance and distance running performance


Top Ten Carbohydrate Alternatives

Pasta is not your only carbo loading choice


Top Ten Distance Runners Nutritional Screw Ups

Common nutritional mistakes made by distance runners


Top Ten Ways to Eat a Healthy Distance Runners Diet

Eat you way to distance running success


Take Two Artichokes and Call Me In The Morning

The benefits of functional foods


How To Recognize Nutritional Quackery

Avoid the nutritional scams


Eating Before Your Race

What to eat before your distance running race

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