Negative Splits


Running negative splits is a training and racing technique in which your purposely run the second half of your run or race, faster than the first. This type of running or racing has a number of benefits. For racing purposes, running negative splits usually results in superior race performance and lower levels of fatigue. For training purposes, negative splits helps prevent over training, reduce injuries and trains you to run at high speeds and intensities when fatigued.


This section as a number of racing and training tips and workouts to help you with your negative split training.


Negative Split Workouts

General negative split workouts useful for all distances


5K Negative Split Workouts

Training runs for 5K negative splits


Negative Split Workouts for the 10K

Build your ability to run negative splits in a 10K race


Negative Split Marathon Training Workouts

Practice marathon negative splitting


Negative Splits Equal Positive Results - Usually!

Will running negative splits really help your race performance?

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