Mud Running And Adventure Racing


What's more fun than running over a clean, dry and pristine mountain trail? Why running over a wet, muddy and dirty trail of course. The current popular theme in running are the mud runs, adventure races and theme runs. There is good reason for the popularity of mud runs. These adventure races provide a change of pace, new challenges and lots of dirty fun. The obstacles you encounter in mud runs and adventure races require a bit of specialized training. That is were these tips and articles and workouts on mud running and adventure racing will come in handy.


How to Conquer Your Mud Run Mud Pit Obstacle

How to get successfully dirty


Mud Run Mud Crawls

Which mud crawl is your crawl?


Mud Run Training Components

What to train for to prepare for your mud run or obstacle course race


Top Ten Ways to Conquer Your Mud Run

Set a new PR in your next mud run, obstacle course race or adventure run


Top Ten Ways to Run a Really Messy Mud Run

Crash, burn and get really dirty in your next mud run


Upper Body Strength Training For Your Mud Run

Exercises to meet the unique strength requirements of a mud run

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