Mile and 1500 Meter Training


Many athletes consider the mile and the 1500 meter distance to be the classic racing distance. While the 1500 meters and the mile are considered mid distance races, they still required a good deal of endurance training. This type of mid distance racing requires a unique combination of highly developed speed and speed endurance. In this section of Running Planet you will find information and workouts on training for and improving your performance in the mile and 1500 meter distance.


Basic Level Training Program for 1500 Meter and Mile Runners

A mile and 1500 meter training plan for basic and beginning level runners


1500 Meter and Mile Training Plan for Intermediate Level Runners

A mile and 1500 meter training program for intermediate and advanced beginning level runners


Advanced Training Plan for 1500 Meter and Mile Runners

A 1500 meter and mile training plan for experienced mile runners


Mile and 1500 Meter Race Strategy and Tactics

Proper strategy and tactics are critical in mid distance racing


Preseason Training For 1500 Meter and Mile Runners

A preseason build up plan for  competitive 1500 meter, 1600 meter and mile runners


Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Mile or 1600 Meter Performance

Run a faster mile, 1500 meter or 1600 meter race


Workouts for the Mile and 1500 Meters

Improve your mile and 1500 meter performance with these workouts

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