Marathon Training


The marathon used to be a race reserved for only the most advanced athletes and runners. It was even thought at one time that your body would never recover from the stress of just one marathon. Today we know better. The marathon is a great distance and a great race for not just advanced runners, but runners of all abilities. Even new runners can successfully train for and complete a marathon. Anyone can run a marathon, but it is not a distance to take lightly. You need to train diligently and propery to safely complete a marathon. If you are an advanced runner you need specialized workouts and a carefully planned marathon training program to meet your competitive goal.


In this section of Running Planet we offer marathon training tips, marathon workouts and marathon training plans for runners of all abilities.


Marathon Training Program for Recreational Runners

A marathon training plan for recreational and fitness runners


Marathon Training Plan for Beginning Competitive Runners

A 20 week training program for beginning competitive runners


Intermediate Level Training Program for Competitive Runners

A marathon training plan for intermediate level runners


Marathon Training Plan for Advanced Competitors

20 week advanced competitive marathon program


Gonzo Marathon Training Workouts

Do you want to make marathon training even tougher? This is for you.


Alternate Marathons

How to adjust your training for an alternate marathon


Common Marathon Training Problems

Marathon training issues and how to overcome them


Does Temperature Affect Your Marathon Running Performance?

What are the best marathon running conditions?


Finishing Kick Workouts for Marathon Runners

Finish strong even in the final mile of your marathon


Goal Pace Marathon Long Runs

Meet your marathon goal


How to Decrease Your Marathon Training Time Commitment

Successful marathon training on a time budget


How to Pick Your Perfect Goal Marathon

Which marathon works best for you?


How to Shorten Your Marathon Training Schedule

Not enough time to train? Shorten your training timeline


Improve Your Marathon Pace With Marathon Madness

A little madness goes a long way


Top Ten Things To Do On Marathon Day Morning

You most important marathon day top ten list


Hill Workouts For Marathon Training

Not just for Heartbreak Hill


Marathon Interval Training Workouts

Don't ignore your marathon speed training


Marathon Lactate Threshold Training Workouts

One of your most important marathon training sessions


Marathon Nutrition

Nutritional tips for running your best marathon


Marathon Race Pacing Strategy

Marathon pacing is critical for success


Marathon Recovery 101

The basics of how to recover from your marathon


How to Recuperate From Your Marathon

More marathon recovery tips


Marathon Super Circuit Training Workouts

Efficient and effective marathon training


Surging Workouts for Marathon Training

Surging practice will help your marathon performance


Tempo Training Workouts for the Marathon

Build your marathon stamina level


Time Saver Workouts for the Marathon

You can save time on your marathon training


Marathon Specific VO2 Max and Speed Training Workouts

You also need speed training for your marathon


Minimalist Marathon Training 101

What workouts to you really need?


Negative Split Marathon Training Workouts

Practice your marathon negative split ability


Positive Split Workouts for the Marathon

Improve your marathon positive split ability


Progressive Workouts for Marathon Training

Improve your ability to finish your marathon at a strong pace


The Marathon Wall

What it is and how to beat it


Top Ten Ways to Set a Marathon PR

Set a new marathon personal records with these tips


Top Ten Marathon Fears

Marathon fears and how to overcome them


Top Ten Tips For a Terrific Taper

Increase the effectiveness of your marathon taper


Top Ten Tips For First Time Marathon Runners

Make your first marathon a successful one


Top Ten Ways to Avoid the Marathon Wall

Break through the marathon wall


Top Ten Ways to Marathon Race Day Success

There is more to marathon race day success than training alone


Top Ten Ways to Properly Prepare For Your Marathon

Marathon logistics are an important part of your marathon preparation


Top Ten Ways to Survive Marathon Training

Don't let marathon training eat you alive


What is the Ideal Length of Your Marathon Training Plan?

How long should your marathon schedule be?

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