Lactate Threshold Training


Lactate threshold training, also known as stamina training, lactate turn point training and anaerobic threshold training, is a critical part of your distance running training. Speed and endurance are two of the main components of distance racing. Lactate threshold training could be considered a combination of the two or speed endurance training. To maintain a high intensity pace over long distances requires training your body to efficiently deal with and process high amounts of lactate acid that is produced when running at moderately high to high paces. You also need to train your central nervous system and mind to deal with those higher intensity paces. \


This section includes tips, workouts and other general advice on lactate threshold training.


Lactate Threshold Training

Lactate turnpoint and how to improve it


5K Lactate Threshold Training Workouts

Improve your 5K speed endurance


10K Lactate Threshold Training Runs

10K stamina building workouts


Lactate Threshold Workouts for the Half Marathon

Stamina building half marathon sessions


Marathon Lactate Threshold Training Workouts

One of your most important marathon training sessions


Gonzo Lactate Threshold Training Workouts

Stamina training to the max


Lactate Threshold Circuit Training Sessions

Efficient stamina bullding sessions

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