Interval Training


Those long slow distance training runs are fun to do and are an excellent way to improve your running endurance, but how about your top sustainable running speed? One of the most efficient ways to increase your running speed is through interval training. Interval training is basically short distance repeats performed at a high intensity pace, with brief rest intervals between each repeat. That is how interval training got its name.


This section includes interval training basics, tips and workouts that will help you increase both your top running speed and your sustainable distance running speed.


Interval Training 101

The basics of interval training


How To Design Your Perfect Interval Training Workout

Build your own custom designed interval training session


5K Interval Training Workouts

Increase your 5K sustainable running speed


10K Interval Training Workouts

Workouts to improve your 10K stamina


Marathon Interval Training Workouts

Don't ignore your marathon speed training



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