Hill Training


I love hill training. Yep, it's hard, but incredibly effective. Consistent hill training will improve your running specific strength, increase your stamina, build your sustainable running speed, improve your running economy and make you a more injury resistant runner. There are not many types of workouts that can match the many benefits of hill training.


Here are some hill training tips and workouts that will make you a stronger, faster and more injury free distance runner.


5K Hill Training Workouts

Hill workouts designed for 5K runners


10K Hill Training Sessions

Effective hill training sessions for the 10K


Half Marathon Hill Workouts

Build your half marathon running strength


Gonzo Hill Workouts

Hard workouts made harder


Downhill Running

It's harder than you think


Hill Training for Runners 101

The basics of hill training


Hill Workouts for Beginning Runners

Beginning level hill training runs


How to Overcome Hill Running Problems

Your hill running troubleshooting guide


Hill Workouts for Newbie's and Beginning Runners

You first hill workouts


Hill Workouts for Marathon Training

Not just for Heartbreak Hill

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