Half Marathon Training


While not as popular as its bigger cousin, the full marathon, the half marathon is steadily gaining in popularity. The half marathon is a very interesting and unique distance because it combines a long distance run with a pace that is just slower than your lactate threshold pace. That makes the half marathon very challenging in both distance and speed endurance. The half marathon stands on its own as an excellent distance race but also makes for a great full marathon warm up and a marathon training run.


In this section we have training information, workouts and training plans for the half marathon.


Easy Half Marathon

An easy half marathon training plan for beginning runners


Half Marathon Training Program for Recreational Runners

A non competitive half marathon plan for recreational and fitness runners


Half Marathon Training Program for Beginning Competitive Runners

A training plan for beginning competitive runners


Half Marathon Training Plan for Intermediate Level Competitive Distance Runners

Training program for advanced beginning to intermediate level runners


Advanced Half Marathon Training Plan for Competitive Runners

A training program for advanced and experienced competitive distance runners


Half Marathon Workouts and Training Runs

There are more than you may think


Gonzo Half Marathon Training Runs

Half marathon training for extreme athletes


Half Marathon Finishing Kick Workouts

Want a strong finish to your half marathon?


Half Marathon Hill Workouts

Build your half marathon running strength


Lactate Threshold Workouts for the Half Marathon

Stamina building half marathon sessions


Positive Split Training for the Half Marathon

Improve your half marathon positive split ability


Progressive Training Runs for the Half Marathon

Tough but effective half marathon workouts


Super Circuit Training for the Half Marathon

An efficient half marathon circuit

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