Gonzo Training for Distance Runners


Typical running and strength training workouts do a good job of improving your endurance, speed, power, fitness and strength. Those tried and true workouts have a strong scientific basis and have been proven to be effective for runners of all abilities. But have you ever had the desire to break out of the box and do some workouts that are unconventional? Do you ever want to perform some training that has increased levels of intensity and difficulty that could also take you to new levels of fitness and performance.


That's where gonzo training for runners comes into play. These unconventional workouts and training programs are very high intensity and are much more difficult to perform than most typical training workouts. Is gonzo training for everyone? Nope - it isn't! These workouts and plans place a lot of stress on you both physically and mentally. They aren't for beginning runners or runners with low to moderate levels of fitness or experience. But if you are at an advanced level and are fit enough to handle very high intensity training these unconventional gonzo workouts and training plans may take you to new PR's.


Gonzo 5K Training Runs

Unusually hard 5K workouts


Gonzo 10K Workouts

Brutal 10K training sessions


Gonzo Half Marathon Training Runs

Exceptionally difficult half marathon training


Gonzo Workouts for Marathon Training

Want to make your marathon training even tougher?


Gonzo Finishing Kick Training Sessions

Finishing kick training with an attitude


Gonzo Hill Workouts

Hard workouts made harder


Gonzo Lactate Threshold Training Workouts

Stamina training to the max


Gonzo Long Runs

You've heard of long slow distance training. This is long hard distance training


Gonzo Speed Workouts

Fast and furious


Gonzo Treadmill Workouts

Gonzo goes indoors


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