Finishing Kick Training


There are many important phases, sections or times of a distance running race. It can be hard to point to any one phase of your race that is more important the another. But, it is also difficult to ignore the importance of the final 200 meters of your 5K or the last mile of your marathon. In many cases, your performance during those final race stages can determine the difference between meeting or missing your goal.


Running well at the end of the race is usually very difficult because of the cumulative physical and mental effects of fatigue. It takes practice and training to become a good race finisher and to develop a strong finishing kick. In this section of Running Planet we offer you a number of tips and workouts to develop your finishing kick and make you a strong race finisher.


5K Finishing Kick Workouts

Finish your 5K runs at a strong pace


10K Finishing Kick Workouts

Improve your 10K finishing ability


Half Marathon Finishing Kick Workouts

Want a strong finish to your half marathon


Finishing Kick Workouts for Marathon Runners

Finish strong even in the final mile of your marathon


Gonzo Finishing Kick Training Runs

Finishing kick training with an attitude

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