Endurance Training and Long Runs


The cornerstone workout of distance runners is their weekly or bi weekly long run. These long, easy paced runs build physical endurance, mental toughness and as side benefits are excellent forms of stress relief and spiritual growth. Some runners think that not all endurance workouts are long runs. Some consider a even a shorter, easy paced run of 3 to 6 miles is an endurance workout because of the easy pace. I disagree, because the purpose of endurance training is to just that - improve your endurance. You can only increase your physical and mental endurance by running distances that challenge your existing endurance level. That means only long runs qualify as endurance training. I think that the shorter, easy paced runs are more of a type of easy run or even recovery runs.


While only long runs are endurance training, that doesn't mean only 20 mile runs are endurance runs. It depends upon your current level. For a new runner, a 2 mile or even a 1 mile run could qualify as a long run.


In this section of Running Planet, we offer workouts, tips and training to improve the endurance and long run ability of runners at all levels from newbies to top level competitive athletes.


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