Cross Training for Distance Runners


When I was young, I don't think cross training was even a word. We just naturally did what cross training seems to define. We participated in a variety of sports and activities. In these days of popular buzzwords, the term cross training has become a popular way to describe engaging in a variety of fitness activities. I don't think there is any question that it is beneficial to perform other sports besides running, but does that mean that you should actually plan cross training as part of your distance training program? If so, what workouts should you do? In the articles below we have tried to answer those questions.


Cross Training and Distance Running

Are they compatible?


Goal Specific Cross Training Exercises for Distance Runners

Improve the efficiency of your cross training


The Benefits of Cross Training For Distance Runners

Does cross training really improve your distance running performance?


The Top Ten Rules of Cross Training For Distance Runners

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of cross training


Top Ten Cross Training Workouts For Distance Runners

Cross training workouts to improve your distance running performance

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