Circuit Training for Runners




Circuit training is nothing new. These highly efficient training routines are performed thousands of times per day at gyms all around the world. There is a good reason for the popularity of circuit training. It allows you to fit a number of different types of workouts into one training session. The efficiency of circuit training makes it an ideal workout for those days that you are pressed for time. Circuit training is a very popular method of training for general fitness, but it hasn't really caught on among the running community.


Does that mean circuit training isn't a valuable training routine for runners? Not at all! Circuit training is a great way to fit several different types of training into one workout. Not only does it save time, but it adds variety, improves your lactate turn point and is a great way to fit strength training into your program. A typical circuit training workout for runners will include exercises that improve your running strength, foot speed, core strength, lactate turn point, vVO2 max, running economy and endurance, all in one highly efficient workout.


Here are some circuit training workouts that you can do at any time of the year to save time, add variety and improve your running performance and fitness level.


5K Circuit Training Workout

Circuit training routine for the 5K distance


10K Circuit Training Workout

High efficiency circuit workout to improve your 10K performance


Super Circuit Training for the Half Marathon

Save time and improve your half marathon fitness


Marathon Super Circuit Training Workouts

Efficient and effective marathon training


Lactate Threshold Circuit Training Workouts

Efficient stamina building sessions


Circuit Training for Distance Running Speed Improvement

A circuit training workout designed to improve your speed and power




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