Body Weight Strength Training




I love body weight strength training. It’s not that I don’t like strength training equipment. A well equipped gym gives you a lot of valuable training tools to improve your muscular strength and endurance. It’s just that there are a few problems that I see with strength training equipment when it come to distance running training. First of all, gaining access to all that equipment means you need to go to a fitness center, commercial gym or a school gym to perform your strength training, unless you have your own fully equipped home gym. And that brings me to the second problem - cost. Building and outfitting your own home gym can run into huge costs. Strength training equipment isn’t cheap! Finally, as a distance runner, your running workouts take up a good deal of your training time. That makes it even more difficult to find time to get to the gym for your strength training sessions.


Well, I have good news. You need no strength training equipment to build up your distance running strength, only your own body weight and some simple outdoor structures. Not only is body weight strength training cheaper and more convenient, but it is also much more functional in nature. When using your own body weight you are performing strength training that engages your core muscles, uses more muscles for each exercise and is much more functional in nature. It strengthens the specific running motions that your body goes through during training and racing. Here are some tips and information on body weight strength training for distance runners. For more body weight strength training for distance runners and complete distance running strength training plans, see Bear Naked Strength Training for Distance Runners.


Hip Abduction - Critical Core for Distance Runners

Body weight hip abduction exercises


Three Hip Abduction Exercises For Distance Runners

Distance running specific hip abduction exercises


Body Weight Calf Exercises

Strengthen your power and speed producing calf muscles


Body Weight Foot and Ankle Exercises

Improve the strength of your lower leg, improve your performance and prevent injury


Body Weight Hamstring Exercises

Strengthen one of your most important running muscles using body weight only


Hip Extension Exercises - No Equipment Required

Improve your running power and strength using body weight exercises


Bench Step Ups

An excellent exercise to improve your running power and strength as well as your running economy.



Squat exercises designed for distance runners



High intensity exercises to improve your speed and power


Beginning Plyometrics

A rookie level plyometrics plan


Upper Body Strength Training - Body Weight Only

Build your upper body strength without a gym or equipment


Lower Leg Strength Training Series

Improve your performance and reduce injuries


Want to Improve Your Core Strength - Take a Ride on the Plank!

Core strength series for distance runners


Core Strength Training - It's More Than a Six Pack

Core strength plays an important role in performance


Advanced Bench Plank

The plank on steroids!


Plank Exercise Progression for Distance Runners

A core strength plan for distance runners


Side Plank

The forgotten plank exercise


Running Specific Core Strength Exercises

Exercises designed around your running stride


Top Ten Reasons to Perform Core Strength Training

Core strength is an important distance running attribute


12 Minute Body Weight Strength Workout for Distance Runners

Improve your distance running strength with this 12 minute workout


Combining Running and Strength Training

Should you do your running and resistance training together?


Improve Your Running Performance With Explosive Strength Training

Use plyometrics for faster race times


Single Set Versus Multiple Set Strength Training for Distance Runners

Is single set or multiple set strength training a more efficient method for distance runners?


Why Should I Strength Train - I'm a Distance Runner!

Do you really need strength training?


Strength Training Rest Intervals For Distance Runners

The duration of rest between sets is an important part of your strength training routine


The Eight Rules of Resistance Training

Eight guidelines to make your strength training more efficient


To Fail Or Not To Fail

Should you take your distance running strength training to failure?


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