Beginners Guide - Learn to Run - Training programs and Advice for Beginning and New Runners.



Would you like to learn to run the right way. If you are a beginning runner, a new runner or are just learning to run, our beginners guide has the information you need. As a beginning runner you will find all of the beginners running tips and advice that you need to get you from the couch to completing your first marathon. In this beginners guide you will find tips for a new runner, including an 8 week learn to run program that will get you from your first steps to running two miles without stopping. From there you can train to run your first 5K, advance to your first 10K and then on to your first half marathon or marathon. You will find beginner running tips, programs and advice in race etiquette, training, nutrition, running safety and avoiding running injuries. We have everything for the  new and beginning runner. We add content frequently so check back often.


Are You Ready to Run?

Are your body and mind prepared for running?


8 Week Beginning Runners Training Program

Training plan for new runners


Your First 5K Race

Train to successfully complete your first 5K race


Easy First 10K - A 10K Training Program for New Runners

Get to the finish line with this easy 10K training program


Race Etiquette

Follow these unofficial rules of racing to make your race experience more successful and enjoyable


You Can Run a Marathon - Marathon Training Program For New Runners

You can run a marathon, even if you are a new runner


Easy Half Marathon - A Half Marathon Training Program for New Runners

Finish a half marathon with this training schedule for new runners


Boost Your Endurance

Improve your endurance with this 6 week program


Lactate Threshold and Stamina Training for Beginning Runners

Increase your stamina and lactate threshold


Your First Speed Workouts - vVO2 Max Training for Beginning Runners

Build your fitness and improve your VO2 max with these beginning speed workouts


Your Next Running Goal - A Beginners Guide to Moving On

Now that you've learned to run - what's next?


Top Ten Tips for First Time Marathon Runners

Marathon newbie tips


Cold Weather Running Tips for Newbie's and Beginning Runners

Don't let the cold affect your running


Hill Workouts for Newbie's and Beginning Runners

Hit the hills early for top fitness


Tempo Training Workouts for Beginning Runners

Improve your stamina and fitness


Top Ten Tips for Beginning Runners

Insure your running success


How to Avoid the Beginning Runner's Injury Bug

Don't let the distance running injury bug bite you


Beginning Plyometrics

A rookie level plyometrics plan


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