As a distance runner, you love to run. You always enjoy your endurance building long runs, your stress reducing tempo workouts and your exhilarating interval training sessions. But to realize your peak potential as a distance runner, reach a top level of fitness and enjoy an injury free running life, you need more than just running. You need strong, powerful, energy producing and injury resistant muscles. You need to perform strength training as a consistent part of your training routine.


Of course you would rather run than strength train, but getting in your strength workouts doesn’t need to be time consuming or inconvenient. You don’t need to make a special trip to the gym or purchase a lot of expensive equipment. You can do all of your strength workouts at the track, on the trail, in the park or in your own home because the strength training techniques in this book are all natural with no equipment or artificial ingredients required.


These strength techniques and workouts are based upon and designed for your needs as a distance runner. They are functional and efficient in nature. Do you want to reach new levels of running success? Then follow the advice of Coach Grizz and improve your fitness and running performance with Bear Naked Strength Training for Distance Runners.


Bear Naked Strength Training for Distance Runners includes over 125 body weight strength training exercises and sample training programs for general running fitness, recreational running,  competitive running, specific race distances, injury prevention and weight loss. No matter what your running goal, Coach Grizz has you covered.


This is perfect bound print edition of Bear Naked Strength Training for Distance Runners. If you would prefer the eco-friendly instant download eBook version of Bear Naked Strength Training for Distance Runners please click here.


ISBN: 978-1-931088-04-6

384 Pages  Perfect Bound




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