Barefoot Running


Just like the classic movie, there is a continuing trend in running of going "back to the future". Part of that trend included barefoot running. Barefoot running is a perfect example of going back to the future or returning to our roots. Barefoot running is certainly nothing new. Humans ran barefoot for many, many years. It really wasn't until the relatively recent rise of shoes or more specfiically, over engineered shoes, that most athletes quit running barefoot or with minimalist shoes, in favor of the highly supporting, restrictive and cushioned shoes of today. These high tech running shoes are a double edged sword. They do provide cushioning and support that help prevent some over use injuries but in doing that they not only cause critical muscle weaknesses but also encourage a less than optimal running stride.


There are a lot of advantages to barefoot running including stronger lower leg muscles, decreased injuries, improved running mechanics and an increased feeling of freedom and enjoyment. Here are some tips, information and workouts on barefoot running.


Why You Should Run Barefoot

Barefoot running will make you a better runner


Top Ten Reasons to Run Barefoot

Why should you run barefoot?


Getting Started with Barefoot Running - The Bare Basics

Your first barefoot steps


The Four Stages of Barefoot Running

Which barefoot stage are you in?


Don't Give Away Your Running Shoes Just Yet

Maybe you should keep your running shoes


Barefoot 5K Training Program for Recreational Runners

Finish a barefoot 5K


Barefoot 5K Competitive Training Program

5K Barefoot Training Program for Competitive Runners


Shoes or Shoeless - Is Barefoot Running Better Than Shod Running?

Is barefoot really better?


Extreme Barefoot Running - Taking Barefoot Running to the Trail

Barefoot trail running


Top Ten Barefoot Running Mistakes

Avoid these barefoot running errors


Top Ten Tips for Transitioning to Barefoot Running

Switch to Barefoot Running



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