5K Training


5K races are the most popular distance races around the world. There are many 5K races and runs every weekend year round. There is good reason for the popularity of 5K racing. You can do whatever you desire with 5K racing. You can take it easy and enjoy a fun run, you can run a blistering pace in an attempt to set a new PR, you can use it for speed development or as a training run for an upcoming important race.


The 5K is a good distance for all runners from beginners to top level competitive runners. It is a good first race for beginners because of the moderate distance and a great race for highly experienced runners because of the high speed and intensity of the 5K racing distance.


This section of Running Planet has 5K training plans, 5K workouts and general 5K training information.


Finish a 5K

An easy 5K training program for new runners


5K Training Program For Recreational Runners

A non-competitive 5K training plan for recreational and fitness runners


5K Training Plan For Beginning Competitive Runners

This 5K program is for beginning competitiors and runners new to competition and racing


5K Training Program For Intermediate Level Competitive Distance Runners

This intermediate level 5K training plan is for experienced runners with some competitive racing experience


5K Training Plan for Advanced Competitive Distance Runners

An advanced training program for experienced competitive runners


5K Interval Training Workouts

Increase your 5K speed


5K Lactate Threshold Training Workouts

Improve your 5K speed endurance


5K Long Runs

Long runs for 5K runners


5K Negative Split Workouts

Negative splitting for the 5K


5K Positive Split Workouts

Train to run positive splits in your 5K race


5K Progressive Training Runs

5K Progressive training sessions


5K Finishing Kick Workouts

Improve your 5K kick ability


5K Race Strategy

Improve your 5K race performance with these strategy tips


5K Surging Workouts

Improve your 5K surging ability


5K Tempo Training Workouts

Build your 5K stamina


5K Time Saver Workouts

5K training on a time budget


5K VO2 Max and Speed Workouts

Develop your 5K running speed


5K Workouts to Improve Your Speed, Endurance and Performance

Improve your overall 5K performance level


Great 5K Workouts

Some of the best 5K training sessions


Gonzo 5K Training Runs

Unusually difficult 5K workouts


Barefoot 5K Training Plan for Competitive Runners

Race a 5K the natural way


Barefoot 5K Training Program for Recreational Runners

Shoeless 5K running


How to Improve Your 5K Finishing Pace

Finish your 5K at a stronger pace


How to Prepare For Your 5K Race

Get ready for top 5K performance


Top Ten Ways to Improve Your 5K Performance

Run and race a faster 5K

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