5K Time Saver Workouts


By Rick Morris


The 5K distance is a good candidate for time save workouts. After all, a full 5K race only takes between 12 and 35 minutes or so depending upon your current fitness level. You can really design your own time saver 5K workouts fairly easily, but here are a few to get you started.


5K Racer Time Saver


This one is short, sweet and simple. Just do a brief warm up to get your body up to operating temperature and then run at your current 5K race pace for the amount of time you have. You could do anywhere from a very quick 10 minute workout to 30 minutes or more. If possible, try for 15 to 20 minutes. That will give you the most benefits while taking a minimum amount of time.
























Blistering 5K Time Saver


Are you way short on time today. To make a very short workout beneficial you need to work as hard as possible. Do you only have about 15 minutes for your workout? This one is brutally hard but splendidly short. The high intensity of this workout will pay benefits despite its short duration. This one is also very simple. Warm up with 3 minutes of easy running and then speed up to the maximum pace you can maintain for the next 12 minutes. Cool down with your walk to the shower.


Fast Fartleks


This is a short 20 minute workout that will improve your 5K race pace and lactate threshold. Warm up with 3 minutes of easy running. Then run for 15 minutes alternating between 3 minutes at 3K pace or a bit faster than 5K pace and 2 minutes at 10K pace or just a bit faster than your lactate threshold pace. Cool down with 2 minutes of walking or easy running.


Powerful Progression


This 5K time saver workout is great for increasing your stamina and race performance. This one is also a 20 minute workout. Begin with a 3 minute warm up. Then run for 15 minutes at progressively faster paces. Begin with 5 minutes at marathon pace, then speed up to 10K pace for 5 minutes, followed by 3 minutes at 5K pace and then 2 minutes at the fastest pace you can maintain. Finish this workout with a 2 minute cool down.


5K Time Saver Circuit


This time saver workout is an excellent multi-tasker. It combines some high intensity running with strength training. The total duration of this workout is 20 minutes. Warm up with 3 minutes of easy running and drills. Now run for 5 minutes at 10K pace. Stop and do pushups for 30 seconds. Now run for 3 minutes at 5K pace. Stop and do crunches or sit ups for 30 seconds. Next, run at mile pace for 2 minute. Stop and do walking lunges for 30 seconds. Now run at 5K pace for 3 minutes followed by body weight squats for 30 seconds. Finish this time saver workout with a 2 minute cool down.



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