3 Hour Semi Custom Marathon Training Plan - Basic Competitive Level


The three hour marathon has become a goal of many athletes. While there is nothing magic about a 3 hour marathon, it is a very challenging but attainable goal for many runners.


This basic competitive level 3 hour marathon plan is for beginning to intermediate level runners that are new to or have limited experience with competitive marathon racing. Some prior recreational marathon running is helpful but not required.


This  marathon training program includes an 8 week build up and a 20 week training schedule. The build up schedule starts with a 2 mile run and build up to 12 miles. The 20 week training schedule starts with a 12 mile long run and builds up to 23 miles, partially at goal pace. You can begin the program at your current fitness level.


This training plan uses a combination of long runs, lactate threshold training, VO2 max training, hill running, goal pace workouts and strength training to help you meet and beat your 3 hour marathon goal.


This 3 hour marathon plan includes specific goal paces for each workout as well as detailed training run and strength training descriptions.


This 3 hour marathon plan is an instant download eBook presented in Adobe PDF format. You will receive an emai with your download link after checkout.


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