10K Training


The 10K is one of the most challenging distances for both recreational and competitive runners. The 10K raced at a pace that is very close to your lactate threshold. That is the approximate pace at which your body begins to produce lactic acid at a faster pace than it can process. The result is fatigue and extreme difficulty in holding your pace. This combination of longer distance, higher pace and increased fatigue makes for a fun, but challenging distance.


While the 10K distance is a challenge, it is one you can meet and beat with proper training. In this section we have information, tips, workouts and training programs to help you conquer the 10K distance.


Easy 10K

An easy non-competitive 10K training plan to get you to the finish line of your 10K


10K Training Plan for Recreational Distance Runners

A non-competitive 10K training program for recreational and fitness runners


10K Training Plan for Beginning Competitors

A 12 week training program for new competitive runners


10K Training Plan for Intermediate Level Competitive Distance Runners

10K program for distance runners with some competitive experience


10K Training Plan for Advanced Competitive Runners

A 10K training program for experienced competitive distance runners


10K Finishing Kick Workouts

Improve your 10K finishing ability


10K Goal Pace Progressive Workouts

A progressive workout plan


10K Lactate Threshold Training Runs

10K stamina building workouts


10K Tempo Training Workouts

Tempo training is a critical part of your 10K training


10K Specific Long Runs

Long runs to improve your 10K performance


10K Interval Training Workouts

Improve your 10K speed


10K Surging Workouts

10K performance enhancing surging sessions


VO2 Max and Speed Workouts to Improve Your 10K Performance

Build your 10K speed and speed endurance


10K Positive Split Workouts

Improve your 10K positive split efficiency


10K Hill Training Sessions

Hill workouts for the 10K


Gonzo 10K Workouts

Difficult 10K training sessions


10K Time Saver Workouts

Quick but efficient 10K training sessions


Improve Your 10K Finishing Pace

Stay strong in the final miles of your 10K


Negative Split Workouts for the 10K

Improve your ability to run negative splits in youir 10K race

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